Wapahani Landing / 116th Street Trip

Landing Instructions for 116th Street:

  • After leaving our launch at our River Road livery, you will only pass under one bridge.  That is the 146th Street Bridge, and there is a green street sign on the bridge:  “146th Street”.
  • The second bridge you come to is 116th Street.  There is a green street sign on the bridge:  “116th Street”.  DO NOT pass under this bridge. Land your canoe/kayak on the LEFT (east) bank just before the bridge.  You will see a road coming down to the landing.  This is where our shuttle will pick you up.

**It is critical that you not paddle beyond the 116th Street Bridge.  Significant additional charges will apply if WRCC must pick you up at a point further down the river.

Wapihani landing on the White River at 116th St

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