Group Outings

We can help your group design a memorable day on the river, whether you want to do a simple lazy float down the river, or be more ambitious and plan catered food, a cookout, and some team building exercises.  We have the resources available to accomplish as much or little as you want. Help us help you plan, so you can relax while we execute. Our mission is making sure the Group Leader has the best time of all. 

Basic Guidelines

  • Group Discount Pricing NOT available on Peak Days*, or Saturdays in June, July, and August. *Specific Peak Days can be found in our Canoe/Kayak section, but are Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July week, and Labor Day weekend.
  • Group Discount Pricing requires a Single Payer, in the form of credit card, cash, or organization check (no personal checks).
  • All participants, whether paddling/floating or not, are required to sign our Waiver Form. Click here to access our On Line Waiver Form.
  • A 25% non-refundable* deposit is due at time of initial booking. *Deposit is refundable per our Weather Policy. Click here to see our Weather Policy.

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Process to Book Your Outing

Please review these steps, and pay attention to the section below that are reminders of critical steps that must be completed in order to book the outing, take advantage of our Group Rates, and get your payment tax exempt if applicable.

1. Please download our Group Outings Information form, fill it out, and email to

2. We will respond with a proposed itinerary. If acceptable, sign and email back to Make changes otherwise, and email the itinerary with changes back to us. We’ll send the update with changes for signing.

3. We will contact you for a credit card deposit once we have your signed itinerary. We will not lock in the date/time until we have the deposit.

4. Refer your group to our Online Waiver Form. Each participant, whether paddling or not, is required to sign the Waiver Form no less than 48 hours before the outing.

5. Submit a list of outing participants to us via email no less than 48 hours before the outing. Participants on the list should have already signed the waiver form. Any participants who have not signed the form within 48 hours of the outing will be charged at our regular rate, due with the single per person payment at the time of check-in.

6. If your group has tax exempt status, email the state tax exempt form (IN ST105) to us. We must have a hard copy on file, so we must have this form no later than check in to avoid charging Indiana Sales Tax.

7. Day of Outing Check-In:

a. Group Leader checks in with a final list of names. Any participants who have not signed the waiver can sign at check-in, but the group tab will list that person(s) at our standard per person rate. Note, if paying with pre-filled check, that additional charges will still be due via cash or credit card at check-in for extra participants not on the original participant list and/or those who have not filled out the Waiver Form.

b. Group Leader pays total in a single payment with cash, credit card, company check. No personal checks.

Critical Reminder To Confirm Date/Time, and Pricing

  • We must have your signed itinerary
  • We must have your deposit
  • All participants must have signed the Waiver Form no less than 48 hours prior to the outing.  Otherwise, they will be charged at our normal per person rates
  • If claiming tax exempt status, we must have a hard copy of your state tax form.  We prefer to have this emailed in advance, but we cannot enter a tax exempt payment without it at check in.
  • Single payer at check-in with cash, credit card, or company check. No personal checks.


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