Policies & FAQs

Where Are You Located?

Travel to our main livery facility located at 17180 River Road, Noblesville, IN 46062. Stop to check in at the office on your left as you enter our property.

When should my group arrive?

We recommend arriving AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to your desired departure time... and even earlier on holidays and peak season weekends. Keep in mind that reservation times are approximate shuttle departure times. Shuttles depart around the top of each hour. We are not responsible, nor do we give discounts or refunds, for missing shuttle departures due to heavy check-in volumes or late arrival. Waiver Forms should be completed from the Forms section prior to your arrival to expedite the check-in process. Tubing groups of 4 or more people should collect money ahead of time to present as single-payer to speed up the check-in process.

What Should I Bring?

WEAR SHOES to protect your feet. Wear or bring anything you don't mind getting wet, and dress for the weather conditions of the day. We suggest waterproof bags, sunglasses with straps, coolers, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Make sure you purchase your fishing license before the trip if you plan to fish.

What Should I Leave at Home?

Glass is forbidden.  You will not be allowed to take glass on the trip.  Do not bring guns, knives, fireworks, balloons, illegal drugs, or DRONES. Do not bring anything you will not take with you at the end of your trip, or dispose of properly upon your return.

What Should I Do with My Valuables and Keys?

Lock your wallet, purse, cash, rings, watches, and expensive cameras in your car while on your trip. Stash your keys in a magnetic box under your car or in your gas cap. We do not have a key storage station.

What Do You Provide?

We provide flotation vests (USCG Type III life vests or USCG Type II Standard Duty Square Top Yoke life vests), paddles, bus or van shuttle for your trip, and your desired canoe/kayak/tube. Seat cushions, gear/bungee straps for kayaks, and links to connect a group of tubes can be rented or purchased for an additional fee.

If you have a child under 30 pounds, you must bring their own US Coast Guard Approved life jacket, and it should have the strap that passes front/back between the legs. This is a USCG Type II vest, rated for a person that weighs less than 30 pounds.

Is there an age or size requirement?

Yes and yes. We do not allow infants or toddlers who cannot walk unassisted on their own. If your child can walk under their own power but weighs less than 30#, you must bring their own life jacket rated for the child's weight with a safety buckle that passes between the legs so it cannot be slipped over the head without removing the strap. This is a U.S. Coastguard Approved Type II vest. Our child life jackets are rated down to 30#.  You must be 18 years of age to rent a canoe, kayak, or tube. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age a parent, guardian, or consenting Adult Participant must sign our Waiver Form on your behalf, and be present at the time of check-in/payment whether or not they participate on the river trip. This requirement is waived in the case of Group Outings whereby the Group Leader is presenting the Group's waiver forms.  We may, at our sole discretion based on current water level and weather conditions, alter this policy for reasons of personal safety. Please always visit our Facebook page or call ahead and check weather and water conditions.

How many passengers can fit in a boat?

Our plastic canoes can accommodate 2-4 passengers provided 2 passengers are adults and the additional passengers are small children each weighing under 100#. We may, at our sole discretion based on current water levels and weather conditions, allow only 2 passengers per canoe, and will require the 3rd person to take a single kayak. Kayaks can hold one passenger, and tandem kayaks can hold two passengers.  Our aluminum canoes, if we use them on extremely busy days, can accommodate 2 passengers with a gross weight 450 pounds or less.

Can I bring a pet?

Yes and no. We allow pets on the canoe and kayak trips, but not on tubing trips.  Please have them on a leash, pick up after them, and be considerate of those around you who might not share your affection. If, on our busy days, it becomes necessary to use an extra shuttle to accommodate you and Fido, we will require an additional fee of $10 for the short trips (Forest Park / Rusty Oar) or $20 for the long trips (White River Campground and Campers Trip / Lafayette Trace / Perkinsville / Wapahani Half Day and Full Day). We'll always do our best to use the right shuttles and make this unnecessary, but keep it in mind because we won't know ahead of time if we need to use an extra shuttle.

For how many hours do we get to use the boat?

Listed trip times and prices provide a generous amount of time for completing your trip, and should be used as a guide on holidays and busy peak season days. Rest stops should be of a reasonable time to help us serve all who wish to take a trip on our busiest days. Every boat and/or tube and all rented equipment must be returned no later than 6:30pm. Additional fees apply if you return later than 6:30pm, and if you miss the final evening shuttle at Wapahani Landing.

Is this a dangerous river?

There are always hidden dangers and risk factors associated with canoeing, kayaking, or river tubing on any river, and the White River in our area of operation is no different. The river is a constantly changing natural body of water and not a static amusement park ride. Conditions on the river change as the water rises and falls with each season and weather system, and so pop-up lightning storms, heavy rain, fallen trees, rapidly declining temperatures, heat and humidity, submerged rocks, hidden eddies, and other factors can impact conditions. The river bottom may contain broken glass, metal, sharp rocks, or other debris that can puncture or cut and so we highly recommend that you wear shoes on your trip. Our Staff recites a pre-written speech at the Launch that discusses "Rules of the River", landmarks for navigation, and conditions in specific areas to be particularly aware of. Please take this information seriously and carefully review our Waiver Form to understand the nature of our sport and your obligations as our customer.

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

We actively monitor weather and water levels using multiple forecasting services, live radar, and United States Geological Survey data for gauge height and discharge rates recorded at Noblesville, Anderson, and Muncie, as well as tributary streams that can affect the river levels within our 28 miles of operations. We have comprehensive internal guidelines for operating (or not) in foul weather and changing water conditions, and tools that allow us to predict gauge height 12-24 hours in advance. While all reservations and payments are final and non-refundable per our WEATHER POLICY, we will at our sole discretion, issue rain checks and re-bookings for specific days and/or specific trips/times where we must shut down operations due to severe weather or high water conditions.

If there is an emergency, what do we do?

We advise that at least one member of the group carries a cell phone in a Dry Bag in case of emergency. If the situation warrants immediate aid, dial 911. We have a comprehensive Emergency Plan and we share this Plan with each of the first responder jurisdictions in our 28-miles of operations, but we have very limited ability to get to you while you are on the river. Do not panic. Make sure everyone is safely on-shore or on a stationary object. Call 911 first and outline your situation, then call us at 317-867-4233 so we can assist you and the emergency response personnel in any way within our power. Stay calm and rationally consider the best course of action given your current environment.

We have a large group. Is there anything we should know to make our lives easier when planning our trip?

Please review the information on our Group Outings page, and download the Group Outings Information Sheet. Complete all available information, and email to whiterivercanoe@gmail.com.

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